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Jan 26, 2021



I want to request a FER (Feature Enhancement Request) for a CIS Product



CIS is developing a more robust method for Feature Enhancement Requests (FER) across our products. Our goal is to have a system in place where customers will be able to search, submit, vote on and track the progress of their requests. However, we do not have all of those pieces in place yet. 

If you have a FER please create a Product Technical Support ticket. The support team will evaluate that request and respond to you. We will then resolve the ticket with a resolution field of FER.

That action will bring your FER request to the attention of the specific product owner and they will evaluate the request. We recommend that you join the specific product WorkBench Community where you will get notifications of new releases and added features as support does not currently have a method to advise you on the ongoing status of the FER.

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