CIS Benchmarks™ End of Life (EOL) for Unsupported Technologies

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CIS Benchmarks™

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Jul 17, 2020


In addition to being costly and troublesome, the continued use of unsupported technologies can expose your organization to security risks. Patching known vulnerabilities is an important part of any cyber hygiene program, as explained in CIS Controls Implementation Group 1. This becomes challenging or impossible when a vendor stops supporting a technology. Accordingly, CIS® will discontinue CIS Benchmarks™ for technologies that are no longer supported by the vendor.

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Please see the information at this link for details on what End of Life (EOL) means for;

  • CIS Benchmarks™

  • CIS Benchmarks™ Community and Open Tickets

  • CIS-CAT Pro Support

  • CIS Hardened Images® in the Cloud


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